Orchid Update

Spending 10 days in Kruger is absolutely fantastic, unless you have (or)chids at home to worry about. Before we left, we created a … I’m not sure if we can call it a green house, but let’s go with it – all it took was R13 worth of plastic wrap and a clothes dryer.


One would not believe how well this worked! It was positioned under a north facing window (we’re southern hemisphere) covered with a sheer curtain. I placed humidity bowls inside it, there was about a 2cm gap on the bottom of the whole thing, and we left the window cracked.

When we got home, the orchids were dry, naturally, but they were happy and thriving and some of them prepared nice surprises for us – Bob the Zygo is growing tons of roots and Faf the paph started a new leaf!

Thank goodness it worked and now we have a solution for short holidays without chidsitter!