The New Pink Cucumber!

How do you come to the conclusion that you have a serious gardening addiction? It’s quite simple – when on a computer game night you obsess about finding the damn omni plant seed in The Sims 3 because it’s the only one your massive (and I mean bigger-than-the-house massive) garden is missing.

That night I decided to be adventurous in my game, looking to my right watching Dr Pink Cucumber killing all living creatures in WOW, going on quests and all. Ok, try something new. After staring at the screen for a very long while I still pick ‘perfect garden’ as the life time wish. Yes, I truly am a lost case.

No need to be scared, I have not fallen into a computer game craze and forgotten about the blog. I’ve been busy thinking and as you may have noticed, The Pink Cucumber is all new!

A few posts ago I randomly came up with the idea of ‘Re-Use Re-Plant Re-Smile’ and it sat in my head and didn’t leave me alone until I decided to make that the point of view of my blog. Quite frankly, I totally love it, it just seems to fit perfectly with me and the purpose of this blog.

Let me know if you like these changes! Comment, email, send me a post-pigeon!

This weekend it’s Brits and Plantae orchids nursery for us, hurray to that and prepare for a detailed report!