About The Pink Cucumber

One day my half Slovak, half Russian heart decided to fall in love with a handsome South African engineer. As moving to the ends of earth (literally) is encoded in my DNA, I didn’t hesitate and left Europe for my new breathtakingly stunning home – Africa.

Challenges of such decision are clear and being a freshly-in-love legal alien my goal was to find a purposeful activity for my discoursed mind.

One day, after my significant other (Dr Pink Cucumber for the purposes of this blog) complained about having soup on his cereal instead of yogurt (I re-use those big yogurt containers as alternative tupperware and we get up very early, so it can get pretty confusing), I realized if I was a superhero, I’d be the Repurpose Woman.

My re-using is mostly applied in our garden, which keeps my mind busy, as fancy gardening tools and products can get pretty costly. Also, the plants won’t judge me it they are surrounded by wine bottles or are covered in zebra poop. I guess humans would not be as tolerant.

I openly admit to my orchid addiction, which started the usual way I would say – get an orchid for Christmas, kill it, buy another one. And then some more.

This blog is my diary of experience, patience and love of being a gardener.

As you now have an idea of whose words you’re reading, I would like to thank you for being here.  Please enjoy your time here and feel free to leave a comment or email me anything you’d like to share!

Mrs Pink Cucumber



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