NGOS Autumn Orchid Show

Another beautiful show we’ve been to this year is the Northern Gauteng Orchid Society’s show in Safari Garden Centre in Pretoria, where I got to help out for a few hours. And by help out I mean babble about orchids uncontrollably with other enthusiasts.

The plants were breathtaking, the atmosphere absolutely fantastic and of course – tons of wonderful plants for sale. Dr Pink Cucumber has been in charge of the camera this time and I think he did a wonderful job!


As we’re also going to the Nelspruit show this weekend, I only got one noID orphan phal, who is now happily living like a little bat in our bedroom. Mr. Batman, as I decided to call him from now on, has a few broken leaves, but tons of healthy roots. He was sitting there in the far corner of the table, for R30, begging me to take him home, I couldn’t resist. I really hope he’ll turn out to be white, as I’ve been wishing for a white phal for a while now.


Super excited about Friday – we pre-ordered a few plants (OK, I ordered them and six is not a few per se), and we get to spend some time in Kruger, hurray to that!



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