Buds and Spikes!

Yesterday after going a bit nuts with our new sewing machine (suddenly a lot of our pillows needed to have their cases made, and studying or exercising didn’t get high enough on the priorities list), I went on to have my daily relaxing orchid check-up.

I watered some, sprayed some, talked to all of them. Bobette, our Psychopsis papilio, is just about to open her bud (which I managed to snap off when I was getting into our car 10 minutes after buying her). She’s also busy with her other bud, as the flower fell off a few weeks ago.

3We’re leaving for Kruger on Friday and I have that bad feeling that she’ll open up an hour after we’re gone. But oh well, as long as she’s happy and growing.

What made my heart stop and made me scream and dance and write capslocked gtalk messages to Dr Pink Cucumber was my inspection of Bob, our Zygopetalum James Strauss. He, after having him for over a year, is producing a spike from his last year’s growth! I thought that would not happen, as he’s busy growing new leaves/bulb, but there it is, a lovely green little thing that made me so so happy.


I already can’t wait to see him when we get back home – 10 days is a long time for a little baby spike to grow. And of course, we’ll be bringing more friends from Van Rooyen Orchids and Afri Orchids to live with him.


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