Vertical Adventure

Somehow, after two weeks of owning my first oncidium, I have realized that he’s a bit weird – he grows vertically. I googled, I talked to some people, and I was right – oncidiums can grow vertically to a certain point but our guy is extreme.


I didn’t even notice this when we got him – I was way too excited for this cheapie (R30, come on…) and I picked him for his nice new growth. Who buys a freak orchid. Us, of course.

I never looked at him in detail, but I keep misting him and giving him all my love, and he seems happy. I can even prove it – the other day when I was taking pictures of him, I discovered a tiny teeny spike!


It was super difficult to take a proper picture of it, but it’s there – that tiny blob. Hopefully he’ll grow happily and we might even be able to identify him one day!

So, we’re waiting for four flowers – psychopsis, oncidium, zygopetalum and cattleya, all very busy growing their spikes and buds.

We’re traveling to Kruger the second week of May for Dr. Pink Cucumber’s conference, and as I’ve been obsessing about Van Rooyen’s orchids, I needed to make sure we stop there on our way. I email them to schedule a meeting, and imagine this – on the Friday we’ll be there, they are having a local orchid show! We’re also going to another one at the beginning of May in Pretoria, and maybe one spring one in Johannesburg. Meaning – we’ll be busy! And broke! And happy! I am just so excited I need to stop thinking about all this.

Oh and, my first orchid society meeting tonight! Hurray!

Oh, it’s few hours after I wrote this post. I found another and I managed to persuade Dr. Pink Cucumber to go! It will be Orchid Lovers Fair in Johannesburg Botanic Gardens on 25 – 27 July!


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