Witwatersrand Orchid Society Autumn Show

I was sure. I was convinced. I KNEW I was going to buy just one orchid at the amazing show at the Botanic Garden in Johannesburg. Well, I ended up with six.

We were the first ones to arrive, as we were there earlier to take some pictures for my course assignment (I am officially done with second part out of three!). Beautiful, beautiful, and once again, beautiful orchids on display! Oh, I forgot, before we got to that, I managed to buy four books, altogether for R80, what a bargain! Two are orchid books and two are about gardening in South Africa.

To the flower display:


We spend tons of time looking, aaaah, oooh, look here!, and simply being amazed by these beauties.


And then it came to entering the tent of temptation! (where the orchids for sale were). Oh, we walked around. And walked around. Making decisions is not easy! It was clear to me there will be no buying just one orchid, as even Dr. Pink Cucumber used a bit of MY birthday money, when he spotted the tiny teeny Ornitophora radicans. We had to have him, our Bathroom Bob.


Dendrobium nobile followed soon, as well as two cheapies (R30 and R50!) – an oncidium and a cattleya in spike! I had to have her!



Actually, the original plan was to spend my birthday money, as I did last year, and get our Zygo Bob a friend. And I saw her the second we walked into the tent, as she was standing right there – a beautiful psychopsis!

We named her Bobette Kralikova (The flower looked to us like a rabbit, and ‘kralik’ means a rabbit in Slovak, and of course the nice lady at the embassy is also Ms. Kralikova, perfect match!). She had one spike in bloom and one with a bud, which I managed to snap off as I was trying to get into the car…


Well, as we were walking out, me with a massive smile on my face and a maniac look in my eyes, carrying a box full of orchids (oh, how happy did that box make me!), baby paphs from Plantae caught my eye, and I just couldn’t leave without one! They were too cute, too cheap (R70 for a paph? Come on..), and there he goes, right into the box.


So yes, we left with R20 left in the wallet and an invitation to join an orchid society in Pretoria! Very excited about all of this, I think of it as orchid AA. As I see it, I desperately need it!


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