Back on Track

Well.. no words will be enough to excuse my total inactivity as The Pink Cucumber. I guess the reason I stopped was a huge disappointment after I didn’t get into university to study horticulture and the process of me getting my matric here would be a mission above all missions. My dreams of being a horticulturist were crushed.

Though before this year ends, I would like to announce – we’re back on track, hell yes! After bombarding companies who provide horticulture training with my emails, I got good news and hopefully from next year I will be working on my certificate! My dreams are back, bigger then ever!

I have not been posting, but trust me, I have been garden-busy: there are monster tomatoes growing in the garden, there was a thief who stole my marula tree (I am still so upset about this one! But no worries, 20 new seeds already planted), there was a crow that outsmarted my garden netting, the new puppy murdering my Russian blueberries, and by murder I mean murder, slaughter, dead, kaput, finito.

There have been many many attempts (and fails) to grow stuff that should not be grown. Oh, not to mention my favourite – stealing ferns and other plants, carrying them in a box of jaffa cakes in the beautiful forests of Drakensberg. And of course finding the only nursery in the area where we stayed and traveling with huge pomegranate and fig trees, acacia and a hot lips bush to Pretoria.

I’ll let you know more next year, till then happy new year and have fun gardening in this crazy hot summer!


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