Stands and Thieves

Those are the two perfect words that describe the main reason for my absence here (not to mention that winter is killing us here in Gauteng, with the crazy winds and cold cold cold weather that makes you hope your garden will just freeze so you don’t have to bother leaving bed!).

Bad news first – my cousin visited. That’s not bad news at all one would think. And it really isn’t – we had a wonderful time laughing, talking shales (he is a geology PhD student), playing Monopoly and shooting our newly bought air rifle (he did beat us badly).

And then we said our goodbyes. An hour later somebody phones me – it’s him, in Johannesburg, robbed and alone. Well, he was at the police station, but that doesn’t count. As fast as we could drive we got there, getting lost in the city centre while being low on petrol and all those funny things that happen in situations like this.

With that all the fun began – cancelling credit cards in Europe and all travel plans in SA, visiting the embassy to get a temporary passport, drinking shots of Slovak alcohol to calm down and making big fat burgers at home (don’t ask how these are connected – they just are, in my head).

That being said I have only one question – WHO ROBS A POOR LITTLE SLOVAK GEOLOGIST?! SHAME ON YOU!

And now a sudden transition to the positive news, since I am really trying to put all of that previous stuff behind – WE BOUGHT A ZOO!

At least that’s what we call our new stand, a very huge, large, enormous, just big big stand where we plan to build, live, horse around, sheep around and two-more-dogs around! Very exciting!

Of course my not-so-devious plan includes a large garden – it’s time to move on from buckets and 2×2 meter ‘garden’! Not to worry – my main motto remains ‘reuse-replant-resmile’ (I just made that up. But it’s nice!).

That would be my little update. Since there isn’t much hands-on gardening these days, tomorrow I’ll write about orchids and their repotting. Oh and speaking of orchids – June 28th we are embarking on a hopefully unforgettable journey to Brits to visit Plantae Orchids nursery!


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