Autumn Garden – Frost Protection for Trees

Just one comment about my last week – real estate heaven does NOT exist. Somebody is lying to us.

Winter is coming and with it one of gardener’s biggest enemy – frost (if you think about it, gardeners have a lot of enemies!). As I went totally crazy buying little baby trees in summer, now comes the responsibility of protecting them from frost.

But what is frost? The basic formula is vapor + below freezing temperatures. This combination affects our gardening massively – summer vegetables won’t grow and fruit trees pretend they are bears and go off into hibernation.

Older trees usually do not struggle with frost, but the younger ones need to be protected. For the demonstration purposes meet Mr. Amandel, my almond tree. Frost damage is serious, therefore I decided to find a cheaper form of protecting your trees than buying netting.

What you’ll need is the tree of your choice of course, scissors, thread or a rope and, drum roll please – dried out grass. Bullterrier puppy is optional. 1905

Simply wrap the trunk with grass, first from the back, then from the front and tie it with the rope. How easy is that! 1905bThe beauty of it is that it’s for free, it makes you go for a walk (looking very awkward, since you’re carrying a bin bag and a pair of scissors with you) and it’s effective.

For the best frost protection you may also cover the main twigs of your trees. If your trees are still in buckets like mine (since we’re planning to move), a great idea is to place them in a sunny spot, so they get as much sunshine as possible during the day.

So go off on a walk, enjoy some beautiful sunshine we’re getting now and collect material for little tree winter coats!


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