Autumn Garden – Chilly Mornings

It’s so wonderful to live in a country where the electricity provider takes care of your romantic life and cares about your relationships.  By simply shutting down electricity for a certain period of time they force you to have romantic candle dinners and whole candle evenings. I must admit it was very nice, so thank you, our anonymous sole electricity provider.

Anyways, with autumn in full bloom (or should I rather say full shed), we are already experiencing not-so-pleasant chilly mornings. As we put our feet into fluffy slippers and wear thick hoodies over our shoulders, our poor little plants cry in the garden, shaking and shivering (little dramatization never hurt anybody).

It is time to protect them and the easiest, cheapest slippers and hoodies for your plants are plastic bottles. If it’s protecting your sensitive plants or newest autumn seedlings, plastic bottles will do a prefect job – just cut off the bottom and they are ready to serve and protect!

I was planting my celeriac just the other day and as you can see, I used the classic anti-cutworm method of toilet paper rolls and covered the seedlings-to-be with plastic bottles.0805So once again – it’s nothing fancy, but it’s virtually for free and does the job perfectly. Keep your baby plants all snuggled in and happy!



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