With my brother safely back in Slovakia and Dr Pink Cucumber taking off tonight and leaving for Spain, I sense I will be blogging quite a lot this week (which is never a bad thing).

I must admit, even though I love traveling and holidays, the last two weeks of no blogging were difficult for me – ideas kept on coming and I even had to write down a list of what I need to post about!

One of the ideas appeared to me while I was googling for events in Gauteng I want to drag Dr Pink Cucumber to. I soon realized that a single calendar of events simply doesn’t exist and automatically the ‘why not?’ question visited my mind.

As a result, you can see a new menu page called Events, where I will be compiling all gardening events in Gauteng that I can find online, in magazines and random sources (such as a lamp post). So far I’ve added a few events for May, but there are many more to come.

Stay tuned for more posts, which will come as soon as my abducted camera comes back from Dr Pink Cucumber’s lab. Garden away, don’t freeze in these autumn mornings and enjoy the beautiful sun we’re still getting during the day!



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