And we’re back from Kruger! It was a great experience, I mean, you know you’re up for an adventure if the lady at reception greets you with ‘Oh, the river that runs next to the lodges? We had a hippo come out last night and walk around!’.

We visited a nursery close to Skukuza camp, which was mind blowing. So mind blowing in fact, that I completely forgot to take pictures! I do apologize for that (don’t worry, we are already planning another trip!). The amounts of impala and kudu lilies and mother’s-in-law tongues for sale were overwhelming, paired with baobabs and other indigenous trees, my head was just spinning.

Our car looked like a pregnant hippo, it was just way too packed, so unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any live plants (hence the plans for the next trip), but I couldn’t walk by indigenous seeds for 5 rands!

We ended up with false freesia (freesia laxa), mopanie tree (colophospermum mopane) and pod mahogany tree (afzelia quanzensis) – I am starting to realize that we’ll need a much bigger garden to plant all these babies (don’t forget the marula tree!). This all makes waiting for spring totally unbearable!2404 Our European visitors are still here for the next four days, which we’ll spend at the lodge, and after that I’ll post about the cross-continental smuggling and the five billion seeds my mom sent me from Slovakia!

* May 1st, 2014 Update

Thanks to my brother I do have pictures from the nursery! Just a few of them, but even that helps you see the massive amounts of plants they offer for sale.0105


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