Shopping Spree, Buy All… Thirteen?

Yes, that is indeed the number of seeds I bought from the amazing!

Some of them will definitely end up as a part of my Garden Lab projects – especially marula tree, passion fruit, goji berry and purple pitaya.

I also got beautiful cranberry, elderberry, pomegranate, caper and blueberry seeds and two flowers – zantedeschia aethopica and gloriosa superba, which happens to be the national flower of Zimbabwe.

A very nice surprise was an extra packet they send, to quote, with their complements – radicchio, kaki tomato, cubanelle peppers and Italian basil.17041704b

I am extremely excited and I can’t wait for two things – spring, so I can plant all these wonderful seeds and tomorrow, as we leave for Kruger! Hopefully that will be an amazing adventure I’ll write a report on as soon as we’re back.


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