TGL: Battle of Garlics – Week 3

I apologize for the last week being post-wise quiet – I needed to get all the documents right so I could apply for the horticulture course. Naively enough, I thought that would be the hardest part, but I was wrong. All I can say: We ❤ African education system.

I must admit, spending the last 2 hours trying to contact the university because their system is JUST NOT WORKING makes me think I deserve a glass of wine, even though it’s 9am on Monday morning. Yes, it is so bad.

All admin issues aside, I happily announce that The Garden Lab project is going well beyond my expectations – all garlics are out except for one (ironically it’s garlic X clove with a head start).0704I always note all details about weather and of course all dates of sprouting – starting with the first one on March 25th up to the so far last one on April 5th.

That would be it for TGL quick end-of the-week-3 update, stay tuned for my next post on how to prepare your garden for autumn and what to plant in Gauteng!


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