TGL: Battle of Garlics – Week 2

An unexpected turn of events occurred today – a day when I was enjoying the sun, writing down the temperatures for The Garden Lab’s Battle of Garlics and searching for a lemon meringue cupcake recipe, so I can make the hard-working Dr Pickled Pink Cucumber happy tonight.

But! As I walked outside to check out clouds and note that in my gardening notebook, I noticed something that made me incredibly happy – we have three garlics out! Interestingly enough, it’s two garlics X (one with a head start and one without) and one Egyptian pink garlic. Today is day 8 for Egyptian pink garlic and day 7 for garlic X.2503After a little happy dance that I did outside and took pictures, I wanted to note down exactly which ones came out and I had to draw a completely new sketch since in the excitement of these news I had a little red pen leakage accident.2503bI am so thrilled! I shared the wonderful news with Dr Pickled Pink Cucumber, he warned me not to eat them yet – I do have a history of getting excited and eating stuff, like our first strawberry ever. I know we’ll one day sit in rocking chairs on our porch and he’ll still remember this one.

I am totally in love with this garlic adventure and I cannot wait to write the next update!


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