Bucket Planting

What I love about gardening is that you can do it anywhere, if you put some effort into it. So even people who live in apartments or houses with tiny gardens can make it work. BUCKET is the word!

The nice thing about bucket planting is that you can plant in the all year long, if you want to drag them inside for winter (or have a significant other do it for you), just as long you keep pumping nutritious elements into it. It sounds scary and expensive, but The Pink Cucumber does not do scary or expensive – little eggshells, little manure, only what you can find at home or get for free.

I usually use what the garage gives, old buckets and containers, but this time I got a nice laundry bucket for cheap and utilized it in the garden. First of all, you must drill holes, otherwise water had no way of escaping and your plants will drown very soon. Next step is filling it with rich soil and either adding compost and eggshells (depending on what kind of plant you’re planning on planting) or simply adding my witches’ brew.1903I never use a bucket without drawing a little sketch in my garden diary – it’s important to know what you planted where, especially if you’re sowing directly. You may of course also plant seedlings, which are much easier to identify.

Watch out for over-watering as well as under-watering, as they may dry out quite fast in direct sun. And that’s it! A perfect solution for those who don’t have space or can only have a garden on their balcony, or simply want to grow their own seedlings in one pig pot and get rid of those little trays.

As you can see in the following picture, planting in buckets makes curious gardeners out of basically anyone! 1903bTomorrow is a big day, so stay tuned – I am officially starting my big project called The Garden Lab!


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