Daily Prompt: Time After Time – Most Cherished Habit

Today’s daily prompt is all about traditions, big or small, and I can’t help myself but share mine.

It’s not a birthday or a holiday tradition, it’s more of a daily routine, my most cherished habit. Every single night as I get to bed, talk a bit with Dr Pink Cucumber, laugh and giggle because he usually ends up tickling me or saying something so funny that I can’t stop laughing.

Eventually as I calm down, with little kisses we say goodnight and I close my eyes. This is where my tradition comes in – every night I ask myself what was the best moment of the day. It might be something big that happened or the smallest thing, such as Dr Pink Cucumber’s little foxy smile as he is perfecting his master plan to pickle all the cucumbers in the garden.

I find the smallest things to be the most heart-warming, the ones that make me smile and fall asleep happily. There is no stress over what will come tomorrow, there is just that little happy memory that I’ll keep forever.


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