Daily Prompt: Let’s go crazy – African Style

With a still very anti-gardening weather, I’m keeping myself busy with daily prompts, as you might have noticed.

The craziest thing I’ve ever done was fall in love. Yes, it’s one of those stories.

At the end of high school I was determined to study art in London and I was determined not to stay in Slovakia and not to study what I hated (which eventually turned out to be something I loved…kids, you know).

I did end up studying in Slovakia, at least enjoying the fact that my education was for free. With that came an opportunity to spend a semester abroad, basically at any university in Europe. I warned you, it is one of THOSE stories.

As a cold weather loving person I somehow chose Krakow, Poland. The cold loving person – quite amusing in retrospect, you’ll know why. One can only spend a semester abroad, that’s it. But for me, enjoying the best time of my life, that wasn’t enough. I asked my coordinator if there was any chance for me to prolong my stay and three days later I was officially signed up for summer semester.

I guess all girls dream about meeting this dark haired handsome foreigner, especially when they live abroad. I was not an exception. Well, at least for the first 8 months of my stay, the last month I just gave up. I mean, everything has its limits, and so does the search for the tall handsome foreign lover.

Four days before the end of my amazing year my roommate’s friend was having a goodbye party at the smallest pub in Krakow. I never liked the guy, I loved the pub though – all drinks 1 Euro, all food 2 Euros. What else could a student ask for, right?

Taking the last tram to down town at 11.45pm, feeling happy and courageous thanks to several drinks before the ride, we headed off to one of our last nights in Krakow. Did I mention that the bar is the size of our bathroom? And no, we don’t have a luxury size bathroom. People crammed inside, nasty over-breathed air, amazing atmosphere, too much noise and two huge fans inside, to get at least some cold air going.

At one of these fans, there sit two guys, one little Indian (no, not the song!) and one tall very, very, very thin man, British, as it turns out. The little Indian, extremely cocky and for some reason believing he is the man of my life (well, considering I was at least 20cm taller than him, I don’t think we could work that out)  talked to me for a while before pointing his little hand to the left saying ‘My friend here has angry eyes’.

I turn to the left, I see this man. Tall. Handsome. The first thing that pops into my mind is ‘No, his eyes are kind. Eyes I want to look over my children.’ (I swear, that’s what I thought. Remember, alcohol was involved.)

The regular conversation begins – where are you from, how old are you, what do you do. He is 31, from South Africa, a chemical engineer. I am 21, from Slovakia (half Russian), a translator. Erm..not many things can come out of this combination, right?

Well one thing did. I’ve never been a people’s person, never was very ‘adventurous’ when it came to men. But that night, as I’m sitting there, I decided I needed to kiss him. Which I did. The first second I knew that was the way I wanted to be kissed for the rest of my life.

We sat in the bar till the sun came up, walked to my dorm, talked. I went to school, he went to conference (that’s how he ended up in Krakow), I invited him for dorm-made brownies, we talked, we had dinner, we watched Up, we went to the bar again, sat outside, said ‘I love you’ and cried. The next day he was leaving and my parents were picking me up the day after.

As my parents come, they sense something big has happened, so my mom goes straight to it. We are standing on the parking lot in front of my dorm, my little Russian mom very impatient. ‘Where is he from?’ she goes straight to the elephant in the room (or the parking lot). Since both my parents are engineers, I pick a good strategy. ‘He is a chemical engineer…’ ‘But where is he from?’ ‘Pretoria.’

My dad’s head just slightly bows down and starts shaking. My mom looks at me, not aware of where that might be. ‘It’s very close to Johannesburg.’ Now that definitely rings a bell, I can see it in her eyes. A pause. ‘Let’s get your stuff!’ was the reply I got.

So we get into my room, go back downstairs, and again at the car, I drop another bomb. ‘I’m flying in for the summer in a week’. A long pause this time. ‘Let’s go get the rest of your things!’

And that’s it. That is the craziest thing I’ve ever done – flying half way around the world (literally) to South Africa, to spend a summer, and as it turns out my whole life (this is where the whole ‘cold loving person’ becomes quite funny), with a man I knew just for a few days. I know many things could have gone wrong, but they didn’t. I might as well be the craziest and the luckiest girl in this universe.


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