War on Germs

Yes, I do realize that lately I have been waging too many wars – starting with my war on cutworms and continuing today with my war on germs. If you wonder why, the reason is simple – among all the little souvenirs we brought an ugly Egyptian stomach bug from our holiday. You should have seen the look on the pharmacist’s face when after giving us all the medication from the lengthy prescription we asked for another packet of immodium, just in case.

I don’t think I would be able to describe the holiday in one word. There are too many little things that were exciting and amazing and at the same time there are too many little things that scare the living crap out of me (the toilets, the men trying to buy me for camels from Dr Cucumber, the amount of cats running around).

Our ‘spartan’ accommodation, as Dr Pink Cucumber calls it, was not so bad, considering it took you four steps to be on the beach (picture shows the view from our door), the camel ride into a Bedouin village where we spent a night was definitely memorable for our butts and diving was just so pretty (if only our camera didn’t die the first day and refuse to charge, oh well). And of course I must mention our dear Bedouin friend Sa’ad, always ready with a little pot of his delicious tea.2702

As to the garden, it not only survived, it is actually thriving thanks to Dr Pink Cucumber’s mom taking care of it. One of the cucumbers got stuck, the Mango Prince is growing well and our asparagus is flowering. What else could I ask for?2107bThat would be it for my update, I need to go back to my honey and cinnamon tea (yes, I got the wonderful bonus of a sore throat, too). Stay tuned for new posts, I’m home, I’m ready to write!


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