Cut the Cutworms off!

For some reason back in Europe I lived happily not knowing what a cutworm was. What a beautiful life, right? The shocking knowledge of cutworm terror came to me when my strawberry leaves were slowly but surely disappearing.

Of course I googled, of course I tried all those things they tell you – dig around your plant, find the sucker and kill him (which is Dr Pink Cucumber’s specialty – throw it over the fence, let it bother somebody else). Commercial anti-cutworm pellets are toxic and cannot be put next to plants that are to be eaten, quite useless in a veggie garden. Or the bamboo stick theory – place a stick next to your plant and get rid of the cutworms. I must say, it sort of works, but my whole garden looks like a damn wooden porcupine.

So I dug deep in my vast hoarding knowledge and I found a perfect solution – toilet paper rolls! Of course I needed to run a test try first and I did – with my pak choy seedlings. I cut a single toilet paper roll into three pieces, buried them into the ground and planted my pak choi in them. Guess what – even after a week of being transplanted, they are still there, happy and alive!1202

Apparently the cutworms we have found out that they are not going Asian for lunch, so they migrated to my carrot patch. But my carrots have already grown big, so I had to be careful with how to do this. All you need to do is gently push the leaves through the toilet paper roll and press it down in the soil.1202bThis is a very easy and cheap solution for your cutworm problem, so go ahead and cut those cutworms off!

On Friday we are leaving, as I mentioned previously, so I won’t be able to post. Of course there will be a detailed report on our week in Egypt and hopefully I’ll be able to sneak in some stolen plants (my little spade and a ziplock bag are already in my suitcase)!


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