Tomato Overload

‘We’ll need to get a bigger freezer’, said Dr Pink Cucumber after his daily after-work garden inspection. Gardening is exciting, and you plant and plant and things keep growing and you might easily get an overload of certain fruit or veg. As we did with our cherry tomatoes – out of our five bushes we just had too many of them.

The whole time Dr Cucumber was musing about sun dried tomatoes and how awesome would home made ones taste. Once I’ve reached the point of being done with fresh tomatoes (there is a limit on how much tomato salad one can eat) and I came to a conclusion that Dr Cucumber’s idea is perfect.

Since the past few days have been super cloudy and rainy, I wasn’t able to sun dry them properly (anyways it would take weeks to see results, just too much effort). So I found a perfectly simple solution – oven dried tomatoes. Making them is really easy!

Pick your ripe tomatoes, remove stems and wash them.

0702Preheat your oven to 100° C. Cut your tomatoes in halves and put on parchment paper lined pan flat side up. Sprinkle lightly with salt and olive oil. Since I felt the fresh tomatoes weren’t as sweet, I also added a pinch of brown sugar.

0702bDepending on the size of your tomatoes, drying time varies – mine were very little and they took only three hours (big ones might take up to six). Remove pans from the oven, pick out burned pieces if there are any. Tomatoes should not be dry and brittle – they should be still chewy and flexible. Put them all in a jar, cover with olive oil and add herbs to your liking – I only added garlic. Keep refrigerated.

0702cDried tomatoes might also be stored without olive oil – just put them in a ziplock bag and freeze them.

So that’s it! Any veggie overload can be solved easily and I cannot wait to try these in chicken pitas that are our travel food when we’re on the road!


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