The Poop Hunt

Have you ever seen an engineer, PhD to be precise, running around the middle of nowhere with a shovel yelling ‘Whoa! This one is huge! We’ve hit the mother load!’ as he sees a pile of zebra poop? I have. Not once.

As I promised in my previous post, today I am sharing with you the adventures of Poop Hunters. The Pink Cucumber Poop Hunters that is. As I explained, we don’t have chickens, we don’t have a cow or a goat, and we don’t have a horse (hopefully yet), so I had to find another way of obtaining organic manure. And this is where the in-laws come in handy – they own a lodge not far away from where we stay in a reserve where you can find zebras, giraffes, gnus, wart hogs and all different types of bokkies – blesbokkies, rooibokkies, gemsbokkies – bokkies everywhere!

0402aSo I got this brilliant idea starting with ‘why not’ and we know how that ends. One weekend we waited for the family to leave for home, and Dr Pink Cucumber and I, armed with a shovel and several plastic bags, headed out on an adventure. I was trying to keep my expectations low, as one never knows if he’ll find poop, but it wasn’t necessary – several minutes into our drive we found, as Dr Pink Cucumber calls it, ‘the mother load’ of gnu, in other words wildebeest, poop.

What I didn’t expect was Dr Pink Cucumber enjoying this activity and going with me basically every time we’re at the lodge. I do realize, especially now, that it isn’t easy to find a person who supports you in everything you do – apparently I am a very lucky girl and I found my supporter – I mean, if somebody goes on a poop hunt with you, they will probably support you in other, less crazy things too.

How you do this is very easy – start with a shovel and a bag, a car and South African wilderness. Drive around and enjoy the view, but always be on a lookout for poop!

0402bYou might find it in various places – on the road, which tends to be a little dried up by the sun, or, if you’re looking for fresh piles, check under trees and collect!

0402cIt is indeed a very good team exercise – one looks out the other drives, one pushes the pile onto the shovel with her foot the other shovels it into the bag. There is a lot of laughing involved, trust me, this is coming from Mrs Piles and The Poop Santa (as he was carrying the bag on his back), which are from now on our criminal nicknames (technically we are stealing, even if it’s poop we’re stealing).

And that’s basically it, just another of The Pink Cucumber’s adventures. Stay tuned for my next post! I am also working on a big project for this blog, I will let you know what it’s all about soon.


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