The Witches’ Brew

As my plan to make a beetroot cake today failed (since there were no beets at the shop), I will not be sharing this experience with you (since there is no experience to share). But as soon as I’ll get beets, I’ll post about this magnificently crazy idea that a beetroot cake is.

Let’s get to today’s main topic – the witches’ brew. In the following pictures, you can see all its components (the bullterrier puppy is NOT one of them).brew

You make ask yourself how in the world can one use potting soil, washing powder, flora and dog chunks in the garden. Ha! You have been fooled by appearances! All of these containers, except for the bag of soil, have been smartly repurposed and contain something very important and incredibly useful in the garden.

Let me introduce my three friends and their content – the washing powder box is filled with wood ash. The flora box contains eggshells. The chunk bag contains zebra and gnu poop. A short description of them, why are they important and how to obtain them is in order:

Wood ash

A super easy thing to get the day after you’ve had a nice braai is wood ash. It contains a vital nutrient for your plants – potassium, which is responsible for quality of the flowers and fruit. It also raises the soil’s pH, so make sure you know what type of soil you’re working with.


As you could have read in my previous post , I love my eggshells. Collecting and storing them is easy and they enrich your soil with so much needed calcium, which is a component of cell walls and is responsible for proper plant growth.

Zebra and gnu poop

Why? Because we don’t have a cow or a goat or a horse (yet, I spent my whole childhood with horses so I do hope one day, maybe..) and Dr Pink Cucumber’s parents have a lodge not far from Pretoria, where we go as often as we can for weekends. As we were one day watching the zebras and gnus and giraffes, I realized that they are all herbivores, not fed by humans, living here in the wild – they poop what horses poop! And as it’s known, horse manure is one of the best for your garden – one of the most nutritious organic fertilizers you can get, rich in nitrogen (responsible for green strong leaves and shoots), phosphorus (responsible for strong roots) and potassium.

And that’s how the first Poop Hunt was born – more about it I’ll share with you in my next post. Of course you might ask  ‘How in the hell am I supposed to get zebra poop?’ and the answer is easy – you don’t if you can’t. There are stables and riding schools always to be found around cities, and as a person who spent a lot of time in a stable let me tell you – they will eagerly get rid of the stuff – you help them, they help you, easy as that!

All you need to do is mix these three components with soil and let it compost nicely – as you can see, again I am using a dog chunk bag – it seals and it’s sturdy, so I can’t see why not! That’s how you make the witches’ brew – a beautiful addition to your garden or as a starting soil for your seeds – trust me, they will love you for that.



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