Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ – Celebration and Protest

This daily prompt post is inspired by our cat, Krot. He has been alive for God only knows how long, therefore I consider him a generation older than me, his purrer doesn’t work and he meows uncontrollably.

After I say goodbye to Dr Pink Cucumber as he leaves for work, I open the door to the back yard in the morning, all excited to check the garden a prepare my tools for today etc. As I’m opening the door I notice that the pot our big litchi is growing in seems funny – soil in it is all wrong. As you might not know, I’ll tell you because it’s crucial for this story, litchi’s roots are very shallow. The soil has been dug up into little piles and the poor roots were staring at me all naked in the sun. I knew what happened – Krot has protested, in the worst way possible.

We all have ways we celebrate and protest against something. This is how my family celebrates:

Me: screaming and clapping my hands (jump a little too)

Dr Pink Cucumber: laughing

Sandy (our border collie): licking, as fast as you can, whatever is closest to you (ideally a person who is incredibly irritated by it)

Tuchka (our bullterrier girl): chasing her tail

Jorge (the chameleon): I don’t think he’s ever celebrated in his life

Krot (the cat): silent purring (his purrer is broken, but you can feel the vibrations)

We also all have ways of protesting:

Me: sitting quietly and being stubborn, maybe crying a little (ok, a LOT)

Dr Pink Cucumber: laughing (but a different tone of laugh)

Sandy: getting stuck, she just doesn’t move (as seen on our walk, she just stands still and stubborn till something happens – usually it’s me losing my temper)

Tuchka: chasing her tail (yes, she does that non-stop, and I mean NON-STOP)

Jorge: ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! (he runs away from you as fast as he can, sometimes not managing to grab a branch and falling down – at least that is a fast way to get away)

Krot: shitting in my litchi pot

That’s where the story ends – Krot has protested against me taking away his luxurious toilet (which is now the garden) and used the pot. Guess what – now there are four bamboo sticks sticking out of it, sharp ends up. And that is what I don’t understand about him as a representative of the older generation. What I’ve learned from him – find yourself a suitable bathroom, preferably one that will not upset your mother.

This is what I needed to share today – stay tuned for tomorrow’s The Witches’ Brew post!


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