Shopping Spree, Buy All Three!

That was apparently my yesterday’s motto. We went to Builder’s and I ended up with three bags of potting soil, three buckets for my plants and three new types of seeds – pea (which I have been looking for for EVER), white icicle radish and pak choi, the ‘oriental vegetable’ as it is described on the packet – hurray for stir fry!

As I was standing there by the racks of seeds with my gardening notebook, Dr Pink Cucumber came to me, peeked over into the notebook seeing ‘2014 WISHLIST’ written on the top of the page filled with tons of seeds I eventually want to buy this year. His eyes went big with fear and he slowly and quietly walked away knowing I’ll be taking my time, as usual (I also think the whole idea of The Gardener Expo Live is staring to scare him, a lot). Not that later we didn’t spend half an hour staring at table you might have guessed, Builder’s is our favorite store.

Something unbelievable and strangely comforting happened later in the evening. We were making calamari steaks, on our newly purchased cast iron grilling pan. As we’re cleaning up after dinner, Dr Pink Cucumber asks me if I want to keep the plastic box the calamari came in (he’s started asking now, I do get upset if something is thrown out without me knowing about it, especially the mushroom containers, I love those). I thought about it and said no. He looks at me, all puzzled and shocked, he couldn’t believe I said no to a plastic container! ‘Ah you know, we’ll keep it. It’s nice for seedlings…or something. I’m sure you’ll use it for something,’ he said as he was throwing it into the sink. I was so surprised – I have converted another human being into hoarding (a very important person since he has to live with a hoarder)! Later we did have a conversation justifying these actions and the conclusion was that it is not hoarding if you repurpose it, after all. I was seriously touched by him keeping the little box, my eyes were basically tearing up.

Anyways, today is just another day of transplanting all kinds of peppers (bell maor and cayenne) into plastic beer cups, pineapples into whatever I find in the garage, planting new seeds, starting my cantaloupes again (for some reason the ones I have right now are unhappy), drilling holes into the new buckets and creating anti-bullterrier-puppy fences for my plants, as one of my baby litchis has lost half its leaves to Tuchka’s teeth.


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