A Cactusy-Brinjaly-Mangoey Update

‘Where exactly have you been? I must have missed you saying you were leaving this weekend’ was the response I got from my father after writing them we’re home safely and everything is ok.

We spent the weekend diving and camping in Wondergat, it was exciting and good, braaing, laughing, diving, carrying heavy equipment up and down and stealing cactuses.

So the garden update for today is:

1. We have successfully survived a long drive from Wondergat to Centurion with a stolen cactus named Mickey, which was traveling in Dr Pink Cucumber’s beskuit box. It wasn’t so bad compared to our Durban-Centurion trip last year with a massive stinky impala lily know in our family as Mr Ramsbottom.

2. We also officially have our first brinjal growing! (that is the eggplant, for people speaking normal English).

3. Esteban, the Mango Prince, is getting huge!


4. Gooseberries are blossoming and our oldest litchi is recovering from the horrific hailstorms. 2701b

I have prepared another sequel to my hoarding saga for you for tomorrow so stay tuned!

Also fantastic news (not as much for Dr Cucumber’s wallet) – The Gardener Live Expo is on March 14 – 16 in Pretoria National Botanical Garden! Extremely excited!



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