Hey Milk Man, Let Me Keep the Box!

As I’ve shared in my previous post, I believe hoarding is a good thing if you can repurpose the items you keep wisely. The beautiful thing is that you can use them to your advantage, especially if you have a small garden.

I drink a lot of milk (Dr Cucumber can’t even look at it) and of course being me, I’ve been asking myself how to use milk boxes. Considering we have a small garden and the list of things I want to plant grows bigger and bigger, I had to start thinking vertically – why not use the other dimension in gardening? And guess what – milk boxes are just perfect for that.

Today I was transplanting my coriander seedlings, and this is how you make the most out of your little garden space!

You will need an empty milk box, cable ties or wires, your seedlings, eggshells (yes, I love my eggshells), potting soil, water, mulch and (as you can see in the picture) a single bullterrier puppy (preferably black and white one, other colors haven’t been tested yet).

Cut off the bottom of a milk box and wash out leftover milk from it and let it dry. Make two small incisions in the box and stick the cable tie through it (trust me, it’s MUCH easier when the box isn’t filled with soil – I know this is common logic, but it seemed that common logic abandoned me the first time I was doing this).2101 milk box

Fill the box with soil and add some crushed eggshells to the top layer. 2101 milk box2

Make a little hole, add some water and transplant your seedling. Cover with little mulch. Attach the box to whatever you’ve planned to attach it to (in my case the garden gate) and tadaa! you’re finished!2101 milk box3

The beauty of this is that you can use this system in small spaces, your garden, balcony or any free wall you have. Also, depending on how much it rains, you can either keep the lid on, or open it and let the water flow out – this is especially nice when you have several rows of boxes stacked on top of each other – the water runs through freely and the boxes basically water each other. If you have many plants planted like this, recognizing them is super easy – just write it on the box with a permanent marker. The best part – it’s all free! (well, except for the price you pay for your milk)

I think a big thank you is in order to all milk boxing companies for making our gardening better!


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