How to Become a Pineapple Ranger

Since the weather did not destroy anything again, I am free to write about something positive! Hurray! Let me start off with the fact that I do get the ‘Oh my goodness, are you  REALLY going to plant THAT?’ look from Mr Pink Cucumber quite often. I just plant everything I can. Little twigs of ivy that I randomly break off, plants that I steal from the dam where I walk the dogs, seeds of all kinds – the bought ones don’t really excite me – it has to be something that came out of a fruit or a veg! Which basically means that our garden is full of Pick ‘n Pay cantaloupes, litchis, pineapples… Of course Mr Pink Cucumber, being a scientist and all, is sceptical and doubtful, always saying that it’ll take too long for a tree to grow out of a seed and that I don’t even know if that particular tree will bear fruit (though he does get very excited when I manage to grow something, which is absolutely adorable and encouraging). He is right, I do admit. But I don’t care. I don’t care that I have to wait 5+ years (no commitment issues) and even then, who knows what will or won’t happen. I emotionally attach to all my plants, I couldn’t even destroy my little crippled tomato, which was an extra one (I always plant a few more than I need, just in case) and it stopped growing at 5cm. It was just so little and cute, how could I kill it (eventually it died itself, ehm. At least I’m not a tomato murderer!).

So today I am sharing my pineapple mania with you. Pineapples are amazing and versatile, from jams and sweet salsas, fruit salads to Mr Pink Cucumber’s favourite pineapple upside down cake. Not to mention the fantastic health benefits they offer – tons of vitamins and minerals, including manganese for healthy bones, and their anti-inflammatory qualities make them an important part of a healthy diet.

I find them incredibly easy to grow, this is how: buy a pineapple, cut the top off and peel off the small leaves (careful, the little suckers have tons of little thorny thingies on – they hurt!)

Pineapple RangerThen simply put it in a small container/glass filled with water and place it in a warm spot. And then do what gardeners do best – wait. Soon roots will appear. Don’t forget to refill water and change it from time to time. When roots are long enough, simply plant it wherever you like – make sure it’s a sunny spot! Oh, don’t forget one very important step – eat your lovely pineapple, yum!

Pineapple Ranger

And that’s it! Growing pineapples is easy and I cannot wait for mine to grow big and beautiful!


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