All Hail Gauteng Weather

Yesterday I have been thinking about my today’s post, what will I write, what pictures should I add. As I was happily thinking and unhappily melting because it was just too damn hot, I saw the sky put on its angry mask. ‘Oh thank goodness, a little rain’, I thought to myself. Boy, was I wrong.

Out of nowhere a massive hail storm came, the dogs terribly upset trying to find a place to hide, me running in chaos mode (chaos mode happens a LOT to me) trying to grab our chameleon’s cage, which weighs ten hundred tons since I transplanted that damn ficus (I really have bitter feelings towards those plants) so the poor little green man doesn’t drown or die or something (chameleons can’t even drink water from a little bowl, you have to spray their tree so they can drink otherwise they drown, how sad, for both the chameleon and the owner I might add).

I cannot hear a thing with hailstones drumming on the roof, so I watch for a bit, content that the whole garden is covered with netting we bought in order to stop birds from eating what we grow and to make clear to our cat that area is NOT his private luxurious bathroom. What I realize is that the hailstones are piling up too quickly and the netting is stretching beyond its comfort limits and I know we’re in trouble. I know I have to go outside, but an umbrella will be beaten to death within three seconds with this amount of hailstones pouring down, so I need to come up with another plan, pronto. I spot an empty milk carton box (‘Buy bulk and save!’ is Mr Pink Cucumber’s creed), so I think what the heck, nobody can see me. I put it on my head, put a hoodie on and I run out followed by my faithful gardening companion – our bullterrier puppy. The second she realizes that there are these things that hit you and they are cold and then they melt into WATER (she does not appreciate water AT ALL), she turns around and runs back inside. I manage to get into the garden and basically I push all the hailstones out and I run back inside. Then I spot my eggplant bucket, which is not covered, so I run again to cover it. Then the netting is full again. So one can imagine a person with a milk carton box on her head, running in and out like an idiot. Even the dogs were judging me as they watched me from safety of our house. Oh and of course in between I was trying to take pictures so I can later tell the dramatic story to Mr Cucumber.

All in all, the veggie garden survived, our almond tree lost the most leaves of all trees and the eggplants need to work on growing new ones despite all my effort to cover them.

Gauteng hail

My poor eggplantsAfter the storm

Tuchka alias Inspector Poop investigating after the storm



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