Cucumbery Adventure

I secretly do wish cucumbers were pink. Pink is my favourite colour. Even my thesis cover was pink. I’m not talking delicate sophisticated pinkish hue, I’m talking neon bam wham pink which is deeply upsetting for most people (especially my parents, they did indeed wish for a ‘normal’ child, oh well). Pink makes everything better.
Well, if I put a little more thought to the last sentence, it’s not really true – pink does NOT make a Range Rover better. Trust me, I saw it yesterday, sober and alert, with AC on (summer in South Africa can be rough and sun stroke makes you a bit delusional – I’d rather not talk about this one), so I doubt my mind was playing tricks on me.
Anyways, as I am being watched by two black and white creatures, that is our border collie and bullterrier puppy (I am getting very judgmental looks – it’s past 8am and I haven’t taken them for a walk yet), I’d like to explain why was this blog created. I am a fresh graduate of translation studies (which for some reason in SA doesn’t have an equivalent and the closest thing the evaluation people could find was Bachelor of Science, which makes me very proud), I have abandoned Europe and moved to South Africa because I was and still am madly in love with an engineer and deep inside I fear that I might be addicted to gardening (seedsforafrica website and shopping at Builder’s make my heart race, what else is there to say).
In other words (no, not the brilliant book by Mona Baker – the translator in me speaking), I want to share the adventurous life of a foreigner melting under the African sun, stealing plants from public areas, planting everything she can. Because to plant or not to plant is not the question. Just try it, one never knows – it might turn into another cucumbery adventure.


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